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  • Watercolor Gerbera Daisy Still Life

    Watercolor Gerbera Daisy Still Life

    I was shopping the other day and I’m pretty sure this cute little Gerbera Daisy (Gerbera jamesonii) jumped into my cart all on its own. All of a sudden it was in there, I don’t know what happened.  Such a happy little sunny friend, guess it just had to come live we me. Once I […]

  • Watercolor Sunset and Winter Trees

    Watercolor Sunset and Winter Trees

    Tonight there was a beautiful sunset. Lots of orange and blue shades blended together. Today was a beautiful, sunny winter day and this afternoon was one of those warm, slanted light afternoons. I noticed today that the days are starting to get longer. A sign that spring is coming, slowly and awhile off… but we […]

  • Watercolor Rudbeckia

    Watercolor Rudbeckia

    Giant Coneflower (Rudbeckia maxima) is a native wildflower that grows to an impressive 7’ tall! The piece I created today is based on a photo I took of the Rudbeckia growing in one of our display gardens at work. I took the photo standing under them, and they were easily 2’ taller than me!  In […]

  • View From Ampersand Mountain, Watercolor and Pen

    View From Ampersand Mountain, Watercolor and Pen

    I created a mixed media piece today based on a photo I took during a hike in the Adirondacks. This is one of the views from Ampersand Mountain, which is located between Upper Saranac Lake and the actual town of Saranac Lake. The access to the trail is right across from Middle Saranac Lake. This […]

  • Succulent Study

    Succulent Study

    I worked on a quick succulent study tonight. Succulents are as fun to draw as they are to grow. The symmetry of their form is fun to draw because usually they are the same shape radiating out from the center. The leaves gets larger the further you get away from the center. They make great […]

  • Watercolor Trillium

    Watercolor Trillium

    I have always loved walking in the woods in the spring looking for Trillium. I have many memories of walking up and down the east facing slopes of our land along the stream searching for these little symbols of spring. The excitement of coming across a patch is something I never grew out of. I […]

  • Watercolor Allium, Part 1

    Watercolor Allium, Part 1

    I started a watercolor painting featuring one of my favorite summer bulbs, Allium. Alliums are essentially a flowering perennial onion and have a bulb that produces unique ball shaped flowers in shades of pink, purple and blue. The photo that I used for inspiration was from a day trip to Cornell University in June 2018 […]