• Bacon Wrapped, Garlic Stuffed Pork Roast

    Bacon Wrapped, Garlic Stuffed Pork Roast

    I decided to share this simple and easy way to jazz up a boneless pork roast. I started making these years ago and have tried a few different variations. It always includes a little mustard for tang, a little something sweet (brown sugar, maple syrup or honey) and a little touch of salty via the… Read more

  • Reuben Casserole

    Reuben Casserole

    This yummy, comfort food recipe came to me from my long time friend Mary. She always made it for friends birthdays and we couldn’t wait to have it. After years of begging she handed it over. Since then I make it every once in awhile just because it is stick to your ribs good, makes… Read more

  • Tulip, Iris, Crocus – Colored Pencil

    Tulip, Iris, Crocus – Colored Pencil

    Spring flowers always lift the spirit after a cold, long winter. With so many colors and textures to enjoy, I have been working on some of my favorites – Tulips, Iris and Crocus. This sunny tulip is a warm welcome to spring… Iris will not be blooming here for a few more weeks, but I… Read more

  • Fossile Hunting

    Fossile Hunting

    Today was sunny and almost 60, a beautiful day. Took a walk to a little shale bed near my house. Did a little fossil hunting and took a walk through the the woods. These are some of my favorite shots. Found some very cool teal wood… and some cool lichens and moss… Liz Read more

  • Manditory Walk in the Woods

    Manditory Walk in the Woods

    With all that is going on, it is easy to let your work, or your home life, and all the other things happening in the world right now… consume you. I was instructed, by my boss, to get outside immediately and go for a walk. He didn’t have to tell me twice. Read more

  • Dorchester Lake

    Dorchester Lake

    Today the sun was out, it was almost 60 degrees and for the first time it really started to feel like spring. To take advantage of the beautiful weather my friend and I decided to get out and continue our journey on the Broome County Hiking Challenge. We decided to head up to Dorchester Lake… Read more