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Art, Gardening, Cooking and The Great Outdoors…

Let’s Dig In.

Hi, I’m Liz. I thrive on the many adventures of life and I love to spend my time doing things that bring me joy. I’m passionate about plants, art, cooking and being outside. I have long thought about a way to put all those things together… and here we are. Welcome to my journey!

The Great Outdoors…. The natural world amazes me. Mountains, forests, rivers, streams and oceans… there are so many wondrous places to see and explore. Nature is the ultimate inspiration. It feeds my soul like nothing else can.

Art and Design…. I have always enjoyed creating. So much so that I made a career out of it. Shaping the landscape is my profession, but creativity is my passion. I firmly believe that art is meant to be shared. I hope you enjoy my artistic endeavors.

Plants…. I love plants. I admire their tenacity to grow, adapt and change. Their magic is to restore and rejuvenate our environment and our lives. And they do it quite humbly. I love to care for them and I’m honored to assist in sharing their beauty.

Cooking…. I am fascinated by the combination of science and art that is cooking and baking. The creativity and combinations are limitless. I take equal parts joy in following a recipe to a specific destination and I do “winging it”. Cooking is learning… The failure is as important as the success.


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