Watercolor Gerbera Daisy Still Life

I was shopping the other day and I’m pretty sure this cute little Gerbera Daisy (Gerbera jamesonii) jumped into my cart all on its own. All of a sudden it was in there, I don’t know what happened. 

check out the photobomb at the top of the photo, haha. Hi Dash.

Such a happy little sunny friend, guess it just had to come live we me.

Once I got it home I potted it up in this small pot I had available at the moment. I hope to keep this little guy going and then move it to a bigger container on my front porch for the summer. 

happy in a new pot

I love fresh flowers. I buy myself some every few weeks in the winter, and pick my own bouquets weekly in the spring, summer and fall. During the holidays I make my own arrangements with fresh greens and switch the flowers out throughout the season. I just love having fresh flowers in the house all year. Nothing like it. 

I decided to try painting a little still life. Not a big fan of painting these usually. A little out of my comfort range, but thought what the heck.

pencil sketch

Started with pencil sketch, then traced in waterproof pen. 

traced in pen

Here is the first wash of color. 

first wash

Finished painting. I’m ok with it. Not my best work in my opinion, but I do like the composition and as a little bonus, the forced Paperwhites from a few weeks ago are in the background. Love that. 

final painting


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