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Sweet Potato Bake

This side dish is in our regular dinner rotation, and chances are if you have been to dinner at my house you have likely had these. I make them all the time because they go with everything. So goooood.

I created this sweet potato bake about ten years ago. I tried it over the years with different variations to vegetables and spices. The recipe I am prepared to share here has been a closely guarded secret of mine. But I am asked for this recipe all the time and they are so delicious that they need to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. Give them a try and you will not be disappointed.

At the end I am also going to share some variations and a bonus way to reheat the leftovers. If there are any…..

Sweet Potato Bake
400 degrees/45 minutes
Serves 6

3 medium red potatoes, diced into ½ inch cubes
1 medium sweet potato, diced into ½ inch cubes

½ tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. dried (minced) garlic
1 ½ tsp. dried, chopped onion flakes
¾ tsp. seasoned salt
¾ tsp. Italian seasoning (dried basil/oregano/thyme blend)

3 ½ oz. sharp cheddar cheese
2 ½ tbs. butter

Wash the red potatoes and sweet potato (leaving the skin on both) and cut up into ½ inch cubes. Place vegetables in an ungreased, pyrex baking dish and arrange in an even layer.

Note: I have tried making these in various sized pans of different materials. They come out the crispiest in a pyrex dish. It really seems to make a difference.

Season with the spices and stir gently to coat. Slice cheese and arrange evenly over the top of the potatoes. You can also shred the cheese, but it ends up melting just fine and it is an unnecessary step.

Melt butter and pour over the dish evenly.

Cover the baking dish tightly with foil and poke holes in the top to allow the steam to escape.

Note: Covering the potatoes with foil for the first 20 minutes of baking speeds up the softening of the sweet potatoes by about 15 minutes. If you omit the foil, add 15 minutes to baking.

Bake for 20 minutes. Remove foil. Bake for 25 minutes more.

Recipe Variations:

  • Try carrots, turnips, or cubed squash to mix up the vegetables, or add some variety
  • Add fresh rosemary to compliment chicken or pork dishes
  • Omit garlic and seasoned salt and add a touch of brown sugar or honey to sweeten them up

Leftover Variation – (My favorite.) The leftovers of these make fantastic breakfast potatoes. Simply melt 1-3 pats of butter in a pan.

Add potatoes and cover. Cook on medium heat for 15 minutes stirring occasionally. Uncover and cook another 5 minutes. They will crisp up again all yummy. A delicious compliment to any breakfast menu. If you prefer to make them this way you could make the potatoes the night before, store in the refrigerator overnight, and make them the next day.

Note: I prefer to use a cast iron pan to reheat these. It evenly crisps the potatoes and the cheese in the recipe will not stick to the pan.



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