Wolfe Park

The weather this weekend was unheard of. 50s and beautiful, which for this area of New York in January is amazing. So my fellow hiker friend Jamie and I decided to take a hike at Wolfe Park. 

She and I have been working our way through the “Broome County Dozen Hiking Challenge” since early summer. The challenge is to hike twelve different locations throughout our county. This was #7 for us. 

fungus on tree

Wolfe Park is a 182 acre park in the Town of Chenango (see map here) and offers over 4 miles of trail. Today we pretty much hiked all of it. And a lot that was not a trail. 

Our hike started out along a ridge that overlooks a stream bed featuring many small waterfalls. The drop down to the steam is a very steep 100’. We walked the red Rim Trail, around the Blue Bird trail and up the long, uphill and aptly named, Hill Trail. Unfortunately many of these trails were not very well marked, and we had a few backtracks and some minor, but fun bushwhacking. 

We decided to go the long way out and re-do the Rim Trail to see if we could find the elusive waterfall we read about. We slid/hiked down the bank to the stream bed in a few places and discovered a few smaller waterfalls. However we still hadn’t seen anything that could have counted as any big waterfall. 

We did finally find “the big waterfall” so of course I scaled the 100’ cliff for a third time to get the shot. Worth it. 

the “big” waterfall

Over the course of the late morning we hiked the 4 miles and hit every trail at least once. It was a beautiful day and we felt very fortunate to have the nice weather to get this hike in. 

Wolfe Park was a very pretty trail. The sunlight through the trees in the morning on the Rim Trail was beautiful. During this time of the year the sun never gets very high and it was a soft, slanted light. I enjoyed the way it lit up the green moss growing on the fallen trees. 

the view from the bottom of the cliff
Winterberry (Gaultheria procumbens,)

Very enjoyable. It felt so good to get outside. I would like to do this hike again in the spring. Perhaps find some Trilliums and such.


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  1. You are such a great hiking partner, because I can always learn so much about the plants and trees and about the area in general when I go with you!

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