Spruce Study

Decided to take a break from the Alliums and do a little Spruce study tonight. Sometimes I do quick studies like this when I am practicing for something.

This took about and hour and a half. This painting is small and I wanted to layer the trees so I had to wait longer between layers. Actual painting time was more like 45mins – hour.

starting out light

Because I wanted to show a sort of foggy, misty scene I started with the trees in the back very lightly. Also started building the bank and water in the foreground.

working the middle ground

Added another few layers of trees and started darkening the bank. Added a little more to the sky as well. I thought it needed some more grey to balance what’s going on with the water down below.

another layer of sky and shadow

Things seemed a little monochromatic (all the same color) to me so I added some purple in here to add some shadows. Also played with the shadows on the middle ground Spruces. I had to consider where the light source would be. Since its from the right side I darkened up the left side of the trees.

all done

This is a really different style from the Allium painting I’ve been working on. Much softer and washed out. I think it is fun to jump around a little bit. Spruce trees are fun because they are quick and easy. I could add more here, but I think I’m going to leave it since it’s more of a practice piece than anything.

I love it when you pull the tape off at the end and the edges look all nice and crisp


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